Divine Words, Female Voices:
Muslima Explorations in Comparative Feminist Theology

(Oxford University Press, 2018)

This book uses the approach of comparative feminist theology to engage diverse Muslim and Christian feminist, womanist, and mujerista voices. It argues for the value of comparative feminist theological engagement and proposes constructive Muslima insights relating to Divine revelation; textual hermeneutics of the hadith and Bible; Prophet Muhammad and Mary as feminist exemplars; theological anthropology; and ritual prayer, tradition, and change.

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Never Wholly Other:
A Muslima Theology of Religious Pluralism

(Oxford University Press, 2014) 

This book explores the Qur’anic discourse on religious ‘otherness’. This book draws upon feminist theology and semantic methodology to re-interpret the Qur’anic discourse and challenge notions of clear and static religious boundaries by distinguishing between and illuminating the complexity of multiple forms of religious difference.

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